Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life is Strange Sometimes

People say the full moon brings out the weirdos in us.  I think it is just coincidence that there is a full moon AND weirdos.

I have noticed a number of strange things lately.  I have to ask.  Why?  Why now?

Could it be the weather?  - Possibly.  We have been experience -20 F temperatures at night here in New England.
Could it be the snow?  -Sure.  It has snowed almost every day for the past 2 weeks.

Yesterday, just past 1:00 pm, Jon and I were driving in Concord.  We were at a stoplight (one of the few on Loudon Road.) and we were third in line.  The light turned green.  Slowly, the first car crept across the intersection.  But, the second car in line didn't move.
I tried to be patient.  I sat there and waited.  Nothing.
I looked up trying to decipher the hold up....I noticed that the other driver appeared slumped to the side in his seat.  Still nothing.
So, I tapped on the horn, a light beep, just to wake him up.  Nothing.
Jon and I looked at each other.  "Is he dead?"
I beeped the horn again.  Still nothing.
Then, the car in front of us crept forward to the light and stopped, just at the light turned yellow.

So, we sat through another light change, waiting and praying that this time the driver would move.  He did.

Odd.  Now, Jon thinks it was odd that I "jumped to the conclusion" that the driver was dead.  But, I think it was just odd that the guy didn't respond to my horn.
Today, my tennis team had a scheduled tennis match over at the Seacoast.  The weather was terrible.  It was ice cold and lightly snowing.  I passed at least 8 cars that had spun off the road.  I drove past flares stuck on the highway by safety workers. Twice, I came to a complete stop on the highway in order for tow trucks to remove errant vehicles who didn't make it to their tennis match.
When I arrived at the tennis club, I was trembling.  Not once did it dawn on me to turn around.
I only figured that out when I returned home and was emailing Natasha about my match...

So, not only are other people strange, but  I guess I am guilty of that too!

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