Thursday, January 06, 2011

My Advent Art Journal - Part 2 of 3

Here are some more pages from my art journal.  I tried to show some additional pages using different techniques or ideas I used.
Dec 7 - I used a transparency to separate the page and then made a tag with the date and a stick pin.  You can see a little of the page beneath, which has a photo and then a sketch of leopard print from the image.
 Dec 19 - Here I added a gift tag that I made.  I stamped the date on the tag and affixed it to the corner.
 Dec 11- I attached our Christmas photo to the page.  It is a simple page, but when my 2 1/2 year old niece saw it, she immediately recognized it as "we have this at our house".
Dec 13 - On this day, my friends and I celebrated Natasha's birthday with a Girls Night Out Dinner.  Since I didn't get any pictures of the dinner, I took a picture of the party favors.
 Dec 14 - On the transparency, I added red tape as stripes and added the date.  It makes it kind of fun to see what is to come on the next page.

Dec 16th - I did a couple of pages devoted to the fabric postcards.
And here I included an actual fabric postcard.  It is fun to see and feel the texture.  I also included a postal stamp so in the future, it will be fun to see the postal rates from 2010.

One more page to go!

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