Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Our Latest Houseguest...

 Meet Kat.  She will be staying with us through the spring.  She is feisty, stealthy and affectionate.
She loves to "play" with our two cats.  Although, they don't see it as playing.  She is twice their size and a huntress.  When she chases them, she runs circles around them, stalks them and leaps to surprise them. They, being spoiled house cats, don't realize it is a game.  So, they run for their lives!
She just wants to touch noses with them.  They just want to be left alone.  Although, they don't mind having a sleeping companion.  But, they don't really want any interaction.
Kat does.  She wants companionship and sparring partners.
So, instead, she has us.
When I am standing in the kitchen, she likes to walk between my feet.  She sits in her seat when I am in the living room and follows me to the windowsill when I am in the family room.  She walks up to Jon when he arrives home.  But her favorites are those people that really spoil her.
 She loves to sit with Allie when Allie is on the computer.  She leans into Allie, rolls over and sleeps next to her.
 She follows Ashley and like to have the top of her head rubbed.
Yeah, just like that.

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