Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pom Pom Window Garland & Cats....

While searching the internet for some fun Valentine decorating ideas, I came across this site, called noodle-head.  The site is wonderful and has ideas and tutorials -- just fun stuff!
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 I liked their idea of making a simple pom pom garland that you hang in your window for Valentine's Day. I particularly liked it because it is festive, but still lets the beautiful outdoors be the main focus of your window.  Our cats like to sleep on this window among the plants and dream of catching birds.
So, I followed the instructions and made the pom pom garland, using red, white and pink pom poms (for Valentines' Day) and hung them with clear nylon thread.
 Here is the window at night, you can see the pom poms as they look like colored snow....

Well, the next morning, one of the cats was sitting in the window.  But, this time, she wasn't looking at the birds or chipmunks.  She was looking at the pom poms.

When I got home from work, one strand of pom poms were tangled and on the kitchen floor!
Jon saw the cat standing on its hind legs, batting the pom poms!
I replaced the errant strand and set them back up.  Again, the cat stared at the pom poms... But so far (a week later, they remain intact!

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