Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snowstorm Clean Up

The older I get the less romantic I get!  I admit it.  I think snow is beautiful.  Falling snow is graceful, peaceful and glorious.  But, there is also a down side.  Every inch of snow translates into additional clean up.  I am sure there is some mathematical formula.... every 2 inches of snow = 60 minutes of work, or something like that.
The first snowfall of the season brings excitement.  The third starts to bring dread!
For responsible parties, snowfall brings plowing bills, snowblower repairs, backaches, dirty laundry, misplaced snow shovels and wet boots.
In between shoveling the walk, checking or frozen pipes, looking for flooding, sanding the walkway and raking the roof, everyday chores have to be done as well.

There is an short window of beauty the next morning, when the sun rises on the still clean blanket of snow, a reminder of nature's miracle.
And then, it is time to empty ashes from the fire, put away the shovels and sand the walkway.  Then it is time to rest up for the next storm.

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