Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Recap - 1.21.11

Well, 3 our of 4 days this week were snow days!  The girls had 2 full days off from school (Monday was a holiday) and 1 morning of a two hour delay!  It is also mid term/finals week.  This weather added a little hurdle in their path -- so, if the snow holds off, they will finish their mid terms by Tuesday.... a few days late.

Temperatures are expected to plummet this weekend to a high of 6 degrees F during the day!  This cold spell is expected to last all week long, ""Le Giornate della Merla" or the days of the blackbird.

Today, I spent the afternoon with a charming soon-to-be three year old while her brother visited the doctor.  When I arrived at the reception area of the doctor's office, Theo and Claudia saw me and ran as fast as they could into my arms.  There are few things in life as wondrous as that feeling!
Claudia is so good natured.  She adores her family, likes to talk and likes to engage others in conversation.  Theo was given an extra sticker for being a "good boy" during his exam and he proudly gave it to his sister when he emerged from his procedures.  He was adorable when he emerged from having his blood drawn with one giant tear rolling down his cheek and his sister's sticker in his hand.

Ashley took advantage of the new snow and went skiing today.  What's a snow day for, if not enjoying the fresh powder?

Keep warm and carry on!

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Laurie said...

Kids had a blast! Thanks again, it was a huge help!