Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blast from the Past: Button Soup

Button Soup was a favorite book from my childhood.  I remember that my sisters and I would read and re-read it.  What I didn't understand at the time was that it was a Disneyfied book from a Disney book where they take classic books and illustrate them with Disney characters and abridge the storyline.
Button Soup is a Disney version of the Stone Soup tale.  In short, Daisy Duck visits her Uncle Scrooge.  He is stingy but Daisy convinces him that she can make soup with just a button and a pot of water. 

 Through the course of the story, he volunteers various ingredients which transforms a pot of hot water into a feast for the townfolks.
 The story ends with everyone happy and the town looking at Scrooge McDuck in a new light.
When my daughters were little, I would serve them "Button Soup".
I found a very large red button and carefully hid it in a particular soup bowl. Since our girls didn't like soup, I told them that there was a button in one of the soup bowls.  Whomever ate their soup and found the button would get to choose the dessert.  Problem solved and they ate their soup! I reminded the girls to look for the button and we made a fuss when someone found it!

Looking back, it seems a little odd that I hid a button in the girls' soup. Just reading it sounds dangerous, but honestly, the button was huge and the girls were aware of it!

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