Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blowing Bubbles in Winter

Talk about feeling like a kid again!  When the girls were little, they loved to blow bubbles.  They blew them in the rain, at the beach, in the tub.  There is something magical to a child to watch a bubble form inside a wand from a jug of soapy water.
Blowing bubbles is just as exciting when you are an adult too.  And even more exciting when it is 17 degrees outside.  The bubble liquid freezes while on the wand and the bubbles freeze in the air.  Unlike bubbles in the summer, when winter bubbles burst, they kind of break.  They turn into spider webs.
 Luckily, I had a partner in crime who was the artist who made the bubbles.
She used a wand and tried different techniques. She spun around, which caused the bubbles to rise as high as the tree tops!
The bubbles took on a life of their own.
 But then, it got a little windy and the bubbles made themselves, when she just held the wand out!

Some bubbles were huge and seemed to float for a long time.

 And others lingered above the snowbanks for their photo op.
 The bubble solution froze on the wand and made brittle bubbles.

As the bubbles froze, they formed odd shapes.
And here is the artist.

Stay tuned for another post with a super duper bubble recipe and tools!

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