Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ice Heart for the One You Love

I love ice sculptures and see the beauty in the ice in addition to the actual sculpting skills.  I think the texture of the ice is gorgeous as is the natural beauty if the way the ice fogs, pebbles or bubbles.  I had fun making the ice lanterns for the past few years, but I branched out this time....

I made this heart shaped ice for my Dad for Valentine's Day.  The funny thing was that Mother Nature had other ideas and the temperature rose to 50 degrees on Monday!  So, I had to wait until the temperature dropped again.  Luckily, this happened the next day.

 I took tin foil and molded it into a heart shape.  I made it about 2 inches deep and then placed another sheet on top of the molded heart for re-enforcement.  I filled it with about 1" of water and placed it outside in a cardboard container.  When it was mostly frozen, I added some greenery and more water, so that it would be fuller.  Then, I waited.
The next day is was frozen solid.  I peeled off the foil and transported it to its destination.

This would be a great project for decorating an outdoor Christmas tree.  I'd make smaller shapes and make a hole to string them with.  Or maybe even making an ice wreath.

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piero canuto said...

Very clever and interesting.
Thank you.