Saturday, February 12, 2011

Skiing at Ragged Mountain

 Ashley has been doing a lot of skiing at Ragged this year.  She got a season's pass for Christmas and has been skiing almost every weekend!  She has become faster, stronger and more well balanced on the slopes and most importantly, she really enjoys it.
Today, I went with her.  Ragged was gorgeous today.  The mountain is doing a really great job with all this snow. Sometimes, their slopes can be icy, but between all the natural snow, Ragged's own snow and their grooming efforts, the mountain is the best shape it's ever been.

Today was a little crowded, being Saturday, clear skies and a ski race!  But, it was great fun.
 Here is Ashley just off the lift.

 The view up the lift (this is the six person high speed lift).
 When I saw the ski patrol hut, I immediately thought it would look great "vintage style".
 Fresh snow on trees!
I only noticed how pointy my skis were when we were on the lift!  Skis come out with "new" styles every so often and now, the rounded tops and bottoms are the thing.  Ashley has the skis to the right!  Notice the understated color and round edges.

Happy, but exhausted skiers!

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