Wednesday, February 09, 2011


10 Things that Made Me Smile This Week

1. I went to the Baking Store at King Arthur Flour and the clerk erroneously gave me a gift card as a reward for spending $250.  When I explained that she had miscounted and I had not spent the $$, the manager came over and insisted that I keep the $25 giftcard anyway.

2. My husband found a toad in the water pump of our heating system.  The old softie didn't want to put it outside because it would freeze!

3. The forecast was for 1" of snow on Tuesday and instead it snowed all day!  I kept waiting for it to stop, but soon realized that it was the forecast that was faulty, not Mother Nature.

4. My nephew who was so excited about turning 4, can't wait to turn 5!

5. Ashley and I went to get her some new winter boots.  Due to her foot size, the only ones that would fit were men's sizes.  And for once, she wasn't at all embarrassed.

6. The UPS man walked all the way up our driveway in the snow to deliver my package.

7. My freezer is full of chicken soup for when I need it! (thanks Dad!)

8. Jon stayed up late to order me a new phone that I have been wanting for a while.

9. I enjoyed a cookies and cream milkshake for the first time in years.  Lots of years.

10. I got an email from my sister in Italy that made me giggle like I haven't giggled in a long time!


piero canuto said...

keep on smiling; it is healthy :0

DamianC said...

How do you think the toad got there? And where is he now?