Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tutorial: Making a Wizard's Wand

This week is the final week before February vacation at the girls's school.  This means one thing.  Winter Carnival. 
The students spend every day of the week dressing up in a daily theme and competing in various games in the afternoon.  The final day is the "class walls" where each class, freshman through senior, plans a theme and decorates part of the gym with their secret theme.
The senior class chose Harry Potter as they grew up with the Harry Potter franchise and the final movie is coming out when they graduate.  So, on Friday the seniors are dressing up accordingly and they needed some props.  So, I volunteered to make some magical wands.  I found a project online that I modified, ever so slightly.
I used:
11x14 size piece of paper
white glue
double stick tape
acrylic paint, brown, black and cherry brown
hot glue gun with a spare stick of glue
gold Rub & buff
matte medium (or mod podge)

 I placed a few strips of double sided tape onto the large piece of paper.  The tape should span diagonally and at a slight angle.  This helps in the next step.
 Start to roll up the paper to make a tapered tube.  I tried to keep the paper fairly tight but wasn't worried about keeping it neat.  If it wrinkles or crinkles, ALL THE BETTER. This adds to the natural look later on. When you roll up past most of the double sided tape, squeeze some glue onto the sheet.  You want to  make sure that there is enough glue to cover the paper, but not so much that it oozes out of the tube.
Continue rolling it and glue the tail end, adding more glue as needed.  Burnish the tube, by rubbing your hand up and down the paper, so that it secures the adhesive.

 Set it aside to dry for at least an hour.  I left it overnight. I sanded them a little bit, just to smooth parts out.  You could easily eliminate this step.
 Heat up the hot glue gun.  Fill each side with hot glue.  I filled one side with glue, let it dry and settle, then added more glue to fill it.  I strived for a rounded tip.  Then I did it on the other side.  Do for all the wands.
 I oozed some glue around the wand, to make it look like knobs of wood or a vine.  Let it dry.  I added the glue down 75% of the wand, which allowed it to be stood up inside a jar to harden.
 When dry, I painted it.  I added a few coats, and didn't worry about making it neat.  The first coat was almost pink, then I added some brown and black splotches -- on the glue as well.  I let this dry.
 Then I watered down some black paint and painted this onto the wand.  I wiped off the loose paint and this made it look old and tough.
 I took some rub and buff and dabbed it on with my glove covered finger. I smeared it onto raised areas of the wand and smeared some on the handle.  Let it dry.  Then I painted 2 coats of matte medium, so that it was smooth.  When it was dry, it felt great.  It is not heavy, but not too light.
 Here, Allie took it for a test drive....
And, here it is in action!  Expecto Patronum!

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AllieMakes! said...

How fun are those! Great job! I know a friends that would LOVE this!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Jill said...

How clever! You'd never guess the wands were homemade by looking at them. They look so authentic!