Saturday, February 05, 2011

Weekly Recap - 2.5.2011

This week has brought us lots of snow and more is expected!  Tonight we are preparing for 8 inches and then more is expected on Tuesday!  Snowbanks are as tall as mountains, walkways are like tunnels and most roofs can be reached with a stepladder.

In local news, Ward Bird was freed from prison after serving 77 days of his sentence for threatening a woman who refused to leave his property.  This case was a political minefield, with issues of gun ownership, individual rights, political correctness and gender issues.  I am glad to see that this man is out of jail, but frightened for the implications that he could have been sent to jail based on the testimony of his accuser alone.  I feel that his conviction was politically motivated and while his sentence was commuted (meaning he is freed from prison, but his record remains a felony) injustice was served.

Interestingly enough, his sister was Allie and Ashley's teacher during preschool and then again in elementary school.  I read her editorial in the Concord Monitor begging for her brother to be granted a hearing to be pardoned.  She is a thoughtful woman who was always kind and pleasant in  her dealings with us.  I am glad that she has her brother home safely.

Allie returned home from her Harvard Model United Nations trip in Boston last Sunday night.  She goes with a small group from the high school and waits for this trip all year long!

Even though NH is blanketed with snow, I met with the JV tennis coach and we planned for the high school tennis team's upcoming season.  We have a lot of new students interested in joining the teams and we organized a game plan!  Can't wait to start shoveling the courts in April!

Theodore turned 4 years old yesterday.  
 My brother's son is growing up so quickly.
But, even at age 4 he has his own avatar!

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