Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Around the World in 80 Sandwiches....Or So

Sandwiches are popular everywhere.  When we think of what a sandwich means, the answer depends on where we are from.  I guess you could tell a lot about a person, if you knew their favorite sandwich!

And sandwiches go by many, many names.... Recognize any of these?

Hoagie, Submarine, Sub, Hero, Blimpie, Bomber, Rocket, Torpedo- (most are named for the shape of the roll or individual bread that makes up the sandwich)
Barb Mills - from Pennsylvania
Grinder - named because it takes a lot of chewing!
Poor Boy or Po' Boy - from Louisiana
Spuckie - from Boston
Tunnel -from New England
Salad Roll -from Australia
Filled Roll -from New Zealand
Tartine -from France, served open faced  - (More on open faced sandwiches tomorrow!)

Then, there are even more specific sandwiches, which of course vary by the maker.  How many of these can you recognize?

BLT - bacon, lettuce & tomato
Elvis Presley - fried peanut butter & banana sandwiches
Horseshoe Sandwich - from Springfield, Ill - 2 pieces of toasted bread, filled with meat, surrounded by a horseshoe of french fries
Hot Roast Beef or Hot Turkey Sandwich - sliced meat sandwich slathered with gravy
Western Sandwich  - scrambled egg with ham, onions, peppers served on rolls
Breakfast Sandwich - egg, bacon or ham, cheese on an English Muffin, Bagel, Croissant or roll
Spiedlies - Italian bread enclosing grilled, skewered beef or lamb, from NY
Calzone  - like an inside out pizza
Empanadas - hand pie filled with meat, cheese or vegetables
Monte Cristo - ham, chicken, Swiss cheese and bread dipped in beaten egg and fried, served with Raspberry Jam also called, Croque Monsier
Club Sandwich - ham, turkey or roast beef, layered with bacon, lettuce and tomato, between 3 layers of bread
Muffaletta - olive salad, meat and cheese on a loaf of bread, from New Orleans
and of course,
Hot Dog

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