Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Depression and Happiness

Do you ever feel "depressed"?  This phrase may seem overused, but we all go through times when this label may qualify.  Situational depression is when something happens that can cause an emotional response like the death of a loved one or a traumatic event.  Others suffer from depression for no apparent reason, either genetics or hormones or some unknown physical cause.

The good news, is that if one can recognize this in themselves there are treatment options.  Some people choose to do something about their situation and seek help with a therapist or doctor.  Depending on the diagnosis, drugs may be administered.

But, did you know that there are two "natural remedies" that have been proven to offer relief for those that suffer from episodes of depression?  These remedies are free and self administering.  They require motivation and effort, unfortunately, this are also the things that depressed people lack.

But, for people who can recognize episodes of depression in themselves, they have the ability to help themselves.  The solutions?  Exercise and Doing Something for Others.

Can you believe that?

Exercise offers each of us an outlet, where we can release pent up energy and frustration.  Exercise increases stamina, strengthens muscles and lowers blood pressure.  It tires us out so we sleep better, breathe deeper and eat less.  Exercise changes our metabolism and helps us to maintain a healthy weight.  All these things translate into feeling good physically and mentally.

Doing Something for Others allows us to get of our own way, at least emotionally.  The act of considering another person gives us a break from our own everyday problems and allows us the gift of helping another.  On the most basic level, when we do something for someone else, we are giving our time, focus and energy.  While we are doing this, we are not wallowing in self pity, ruminating problems in our lives or engaging in negative behavior.  And when the selfless act is done, we have the satisfaction of feeling good about our actions, knowing that we did something beneficial with our lives.

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NICE post Daniela! I also love your header with the lion and lamb, very very cute!