Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Depending on where you are from and what you enjoy, St. Patrick's Day is symbolized by different things.
For some, it is green beer. 
Some people enjoy dressing up in green...
For others, it is a more permanent decoration.
Still, others remember St. Patrick and ridding the snakes from Ireland.
For me, I always think of Irish Soda bread.  I remember Gram who proudly gave our family this tradition, as I have come to find out that not all families recognize this or even know it's familiar taste.  I am starting to associate it with a certain Italian cook who has now taken over the yearly tradition.  (And let me add, that for an Italian, he makes a mean loaf of Irish bread, albeit a healthier version.)
As a child, I waited with delight for McDonald's symbol of St. Patrick's Day.  The Shamrock Shake.  Green, icy, a little minty.  Yum.
 Without a doubt, the most easily recognized symbol is the shamrock.  It grows just about anywhere, making it familiar and abundant.
 Even retro images featured images of shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.
 Catholics believe it represents the Holy Trinity.
The shamrock is so humble a plant, so simple in shape and bold in color. It wasn't marketed by media firms, no world wide campaigns.  Just a simple result of nature. 

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SOFIA said...

Gram would be proud of that loaf!