Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project: Personalized Tee Shirts

The tennis team wanted matching shirts that they could wear to school that weren't their uniform tops.  Last year, they researched the prices of personalized shirts and as an alternative, colored plain white tee shirts with permanent markers.  This was a good solution, but the markers faded and looked dull and dingy by the season's end.  So, this year we came up with an alternative solution...
 I found a bunch of black shirts (black, by request) at various stores in the mall.  They ran about $4 each.
 Plus, my Silhouette SD digital cutter.  I fed the machine with some heat transfer paper in blue and played with some images of tennis players....
 The paper came out. One side of the paper is plastic and the other side is what gets transferred to the shirt.  You can't really see in the above picture, but the machine cut very fine lines in the above pictures.  I then took my scissors and cut out each image --- 20 tennis players and 20 words TENNIS.
 Then I removed the negative image -- the image around the shapes I wanted to keep.
 Each shape was attached to a clear plastic film.  I could then place the images exactly as I wanted onto the shirts.
 I placed a pressing cloth over the image (the mesh screen above) and ironed the image for about 60 seconds.
 I let the image cool and then peeled off the plastic film.
Voila!  All done.  Only 19 more to go!!

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