Thursday, March 03, 2011

Recipes: Boursin Cheese

I first had Boursin Cheese at Peter Christian's Tavern, when I was a little kid. My friend and I went there and she asked if I wanted to share the the appetizer platter that included a crock of this cheese.  I didn't recognize Boursin cheese, but I loved most cheeses, so I was glad to try it.  I was surprised to find that it was more of a spread than a cheese, but it was tasty.  Through the years, I acquired an old Peter Christian's Cookbook and they offered a recipe for Boursin cheese using cream cheese and some herbs and I have been making it ever since.

I used it as a spread on last night's Open Faced Sandwiches.

But, what I didn't know is that Boursin is actually a cheese from France.  It was first made in Normandy in 1957 by Francois Boursin as a dish of fresh cheese served with fresh herbs that guests could mix to their own tastes.
It is a soft cow's milk cheese, slightly off white in color.  Now, Boursin cheese is sold in logs or crocks and comes in flavors - Garlic and Fine Herbs, Pepper, Shallot and Chive, Light Garlic and Fine Herbs, Garlic and Roasted Red Pepper.
The Original Boursin Garlic and Fine Herb is made from milk, cream, garlic, salt, parsley and chives, only.

Homemade versions recreate the herb filling by substituting cream cheese in the place of the cow's milk cheese.  I have not had authentic Boursin, but look forward to trying some.  In the meantime, homemade Boursin cheese is quite tasty.  It is also easy to make, with ingredients on hand.

Homemade Boursin Cheese

1 block cream cheese, softened (soft cheeses like Neufchatel or Marscapone would work as well)
4 T lemon juice
1 tsp dill
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp seasoned salt
2 cloves chopped garlic
1 tsp basil
1 tsp parsley

Combine all ingredients and spread into a small container.  This gets better as it ages and will last for at least a week if kept in the fridge.

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Hi Danny - I was so ecstatic when I saw you list a recipe for Boursin Cheese! To say the least I am obsessed with the Garlic & Herbs boursin. It is expensive and recently some of our local grocery stores have stopped carrying it. I cannot wait to try this :) Would you mind if I featured your post on our blog? I would love to share it and give full credit & link back to your blog of course. Just let me know your thoughts!

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