Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Days You Just Have To Laugh at Yourself!

Earlier this week, my brother called to tell me that his friend sent him a newspaper clipping from the Upper Valley area of NH. Greg saw the article and recognized me and then sent it up north to Dame.  When Dame received it, he did exactly what I would have done....he giggled like mad.
He explained that it was an article that I wrote about the River Valley Club's tennis program.  (On a side-note - I love the tennis programs at the RVC!)
Then he said with a very serious tone, "I have to warn you....there is a picture of you and Mark.  And the picture appears stretched -- wide.  But don't worry, it is obvious".

Well, hearing his concern for my delicate feelings made ME burst into giggles!

Here is the article.

And here is a closer look at the stretched picture.  Now, I have to say, poor Mark - he is a tall, very thin man and he looks like one of these guys...
They don't exactly scream "tennis" now do they?

And here is the picture if it was unstretched....

But, as I told Dame, "As long as the caption doesn't read, " Daniela, 51 from NH.....
I will be happy.
Of course, my father-in-law chimed in that "at least they didn't reverse your age and say "83"....
Yes, some days it's just better to laugh at yourself!

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