Friday, March 11, 2011

Think Spring....

Despite the weather, we are trying to get into the spring spirit.  Ashley is having no problem doing that as she is already planning for her May prom.  She scouted around for a dress that was close to what she wanted. 
Now, unlike most teenagers, Ashley likes to get a good value when she shops.  She she looked for a very long time for the dress she wanted.
Her ideal dress was like the one Veronica wore to my Dame & Laurie's wedding.  Ashley, like Veronica has fantastic taste and wanted a classic style.  She thought she wanted a blue color for her dress.
After careful searching, she found this beautiful dress.  (It reminds me of Cinderella).  Even though it is beautiful, it is not quite what she wanted.  She asked me to help her make some modifications.
So we removed the lining, took in the sides of the dress and ended up with the dress she wanted!
Now, we are working on the accessories!  I can't wait to see what she ends up with!


M said...

She looks great in in!

SOFIA said...

what a beautiful dress and young lady!

piero canuto said...

she is so arorable