Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unexpected Treasure

Today, I was shopping for some "props" for some work pictures.  I had an idea that I wanted to create a shallow sand garden and then I would place the products on top of the sand for photos.  I thought the sand would be an interesting texture and background.  When I went to purchase the "frame" for the garden, I planned on using a picture frame.  I thought the depth was deep enough to cover with sand, yet shallow enough to be lightweight, affordable and easy to move.
When I priced large picture frames, I thought they cost too much for this venture.  I wasn't sure my idea would work and didn't want to spend over $20 on the frame alone.  So, I went to the Goodwill in Concord to buy a frame that was under $10.
I found a good frame with a silver leafed edge.  It was solid and simple and I liked it.  Inside was (what I thought was a print) but I wasn't really fond of it.
When I got to work and took the frame apart, I discovered that I was wrong.  The frame didn't contain a print, but instead this beautiful embroidered image.  It was quite breathtaking out of the glass.
 It was signed in the corner by the artist... And it really was pretty.
 Here is a close up.  You can see the texture of the embroidery thread.
And here is the back of the embroidery.  I think I prefer the back!
The woman I worked with adored it, so I gave it to her.  She smiled so widely and kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to part with it?
I was thrilled to discover this treasure.  I was glad that she appreciated all the work that went into it. And, I only bought it for the frame, which is wonderful, just the same!

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