Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week in Review

This week was typical of New England weather.  We had snow, sleet, wind, 60 degree temperatures and a lot of melting.  This week is more of the same - two snowstorms are expected as are days of "warmer" weather 40 degree temperatures.
One woman told me that wet snow means spring in New Hampshire!  Talk about an optimist.  March 20th and I am ready to put all the snow away until next November.

News of Japan's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear eruptions took center stage in the world.  Only overshadowing Libya's dictatorship and the UN resolution to stop Gadahfi via another coalition.  Our president, meanwhile is visiting Rio where he is being boycotted and protested.

Locally, Donald Hall, poet laureate, octogenarian and Dad's friend won a National Medal for the Arts from the White House.  Newspapers, including the Washington Post mocked his appearance.  This man has been battling cancer since 1989, has written countless poems, books and children's books. He has degrees from Harvard and Oxford.  He has countless awards and a documentary was filmed back in 1993 called "A Life Together" with his wife, Jayne Kenyon, the love of his life.
Sadly, people who consider themselves journalists took cheap shots, rather than researching an award winner and his credits.  Locals are proud of Mr. Hall and editorials were written in his defense.

Monday is the official start of the high school tennis season. We had 17 girls come out for the team - a far cry from the 9 I had one year!  I am looking forward to the season!

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