Saturday, April 02, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude

Today is April 2nd!  Yesterday's snowstorm blizzard left us drenched in heavy wet snow after a winter of heavy snowfall.  Over 500 schools in the state were cancelled.  Despite longing for 50 degree temperatures, sunshine and SPRING, hard hit New Englanders were given and even longer winter.
But, these things happen.  Many refused to believe the weather forecasts and even demanded (adamantly) that this was the weather service's April Fools' Joke.  All of us wanted to believe that, even up until the snow came pouring out of the sky!
But, these things happen.

Rather than being grumpy about our April winter, I am choosing to be grateful.  I am planning on documenting 30 days of Gratitude this April.  Call it "Grateful in April" or "Appreciation April" or whatever you like.  I call it blessed.

Sure, each day offers challenges, hardships and even nightmares.  That is commonplace, that is life.
But, living is being grateful.  Choosing to see the crocus struggling to break through the snow takes effort, powers of observation and an eye for the unusual.  But, it is exhilarating and rewarding!

Being grateful is choosing to see beauty and grace instead of ugliness and doom.  Being grateful is hard work! And you know what happens after hard work?
Miracles happen after hard work. 
I am choosing to see miracles.  Wanna join me?


SOFIA said...

what a nice idea!

m.a.d.woman - said...

So pleased you will be spending 30 days being Grateful in April. Please stop by and share some of your gratitude with us :) look forward to hearing how your month goes. Cheers, Melina