Saturday, April 02, 2011

Day 1: Gratitude - Partners in Crime

While taking a moment for what I am grateful for, I am in awe at the long list of things I find.  In my everyday life, I am blessed, truly blessed with a great family.  Looking at each person who has touched my life, made me into the woman I am today, I must say a huge "Thank You" to each of them.  Each of my family has been my partner in crime in one form of another and for this I feel most loved.
I have been known to have a cockamamie idea or two in my time.  And yet, it is the support I have received from my family that has helped me to make my goals achievable.
Having someone who rolls up their sleeves and helps me to accomplish what I dream of doing, is priceless...
Like when I wanted to make and bring my sister's wedding cake 2+ hours across state lines during a hot July day in order to give her the wedding cake she wanted.... my father made a portable fridge, strapped boxes inside his truck and carefully drove us to Maine.  On time. With the cake arriving in one piece.
Or, one night after a late night at the hospital with my sick grandmother, my brother drove me home in the rain.  After an emotional talk in the car about Gram's condition (which was uncertain at the time, but ended up well) I opened the car door in the pouring rain to be surrounded by tens of frogs.  I shrieked and got back in the car.  I told my brother my fear and he got out of his seat, opened my door and walked me inside, as my protector.  He never once pointed out that I was being a baby!

Or how I desperately wanted to get back on the tennis court, but was hesitant as I was worried I would let my partner down.  My husband offered to be my partner, so that I wouldn't have to worry about stopping play, if I wasn't up to finishing the match!

I am blessed that I have wonderful people in my family who are willing to grab their imaginary swords and run into battle with me.

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