Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13 Gratitude: Spring Time

Today we had cold temperatures and lots of rain.  Rain!  I am so grateful that it is spring.  Snowfall is beautiful, but after a winter of over 100 inches of recorded snow, I am happy to see rain.
The rain washes the existing snow away and that gives more evidence that spring is here!
Spring in NH is bugs, mud and frosty mornings.  But, it is also warm weather, plant growth and green!
In New England we are blessed with distinct seasons.  Each one is more beautiful than the last one, even though winter lasts 2/3 of the year.  By the time spring rolls around, we are hungry for above freezing temperatures and longer days full of sun.  Springtime is the perfect time to be grateful for sunshine, blossoms and birds.  Grateful for the end of a long winter.  Grateful that we can put away the snow shovel and pack up the winter clothes.
I am looking forward to irises and daffodils, spring blossoms and green grass.  I can't wait to dig in the garden, rake up the leaves and start to plan for summer.

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