Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 14 Gratitude: Endurance

Endurance is "the ability or strength to continue or last despite pain, stress, fatigue or other adverse conditions; lasting quality or duration".  Endurance is something that takes great effort to achieve and still great effort to maintain.
I am grateful for endurance, not because I have great stamina at this point in time but because I am able to work to increase my endurance.
It takes two weeks of "rest" to lose whatever level of stamina you have.  Just two weeks!  And we all know that it takes longer than two weeks to get back to a particular level of fitness.  Rather interesting, isn't it?
So, when I see people outside running alongside the road in the rain, I admire their dedication and their stamina.

Endurance doesn't only have to be physical.  Mental endurance is the same thing, the ability "to endure" to stay on tasks and achieve something that takes great effort.  But, physical endurance can help mental endurance.  Working through physical obstacles teaches us how to work through mental hurdles.
I am grateful that I have the ability to endure and the drive to do so.

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piero canuto said...

well put.
great job.