Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 18 Gratitude: Flavor

I am grateful that I can taste flavor.  How easy a statement is that?
I am reminded of this blessing when I remember how difficult is was for Gram to "taste" things.  She liked her tea boiling. I think it was because she couldn't taste the flavor, but could feel the heat.  She would talk about how foods weren't seasoned properly, meanwhile, I was enjoying the different flavors of the foods.
I think that tastes change as we age.  I think that we lose the ability to detect subtle tastes as we age.  But, I also think that tastes change.
I used to abhor fennel.  Oh, the licorice flavored vegetable was dreadful.  But, a few years ago, I began to appreciate the flavor of anise.  And now, I actually like the flavor of fennel!!  (I don't crave it or long for it, but I don't avoid it like the plague anymore.)
I enjoy flavors.  I like trying new flavors!  I enjoy the way my tastes have changed and are changing.

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