Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 20 Gratitude: Free Speech

I am grateful that I live in a country that protects freedom of speech.  It is easy to forget that free speech isn't a God given right, but rather one that is protected under the United States Constitution.   I am grateful that I can post my words on a blog, my thoughts, opinions and perspective without fear of death or persecution. I am grateful that I can view news sources, other people's blogs and opinions as well and that I  am not limited to censored sources.
Today, I read an interesting article criticizing taxes written by the talented author Thomas Sowell.  Not only do I have the option of reading his work, I have the option of agreeing or disagreeing.
In school, I was always given an assigned book, either text book or novel that the teacher selected.  This was due to time constraints during schooling, so select points of view were taught.  As a student (as a child) I was under the belief that this was the only source of information or approved information. And while the decision to focus on one point of view was up to the discretion of the teacher, it was understood that the selection was done in good faith.  But, I begin to wonder how much of this was the promotion of a particular agenda and not just a selection of the facts presented succinctly.
As an adult, I choose to read many news sources and have the ability to look beyond the "popular" media outlets like NBC or CNN.  I no longer believe that there is just one side to a news article.  My ability to do this is task is due to our First Amendment in the Constitution of the United States.
I am grateful for a freedom that I have taken for granted for so long.

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