Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 21 Gratitude: Sight

“God, grant me the Senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference”

I am grateful for my sight. As a child, I needed glasses as early as second grade, but never wanted to admit that things were blurry so I managed to evade them until the 5th grade.  I had teachers who were kind enough to allow me to sit in the front of the class (a spot no one else wanted) and I was able to fudge the eye tests until I could no longer do it.
I remember that day, in the school office making the phone call to my mother to tell her that I needed glasses.  At the time, it seemed like the most awful thing and it was confirmed when my mother went on a tirade in hearing the news.  It was an expense she didn't want and therefore she was not happy about it. She put off bringing me to the optometrist until the 6th grade and when we did go, it was in her co-worker's basement.  He was a teacher by day and an "eye doctor" at night.
(To this day, I don't know how that was possible.)
Through the years, my vision deteriorated.  We moved away from the sketchy "eye doctor" and I started going to the local optometrist in our small town.  When I turned 15 I wanted contact lenses and my father came with me on that visit.  The optometrist was a calm, little man who was deliberate, but gentle and he explained to us what had to be done to keep the contacts clean.  Towards the end of the visit, he asked if I needed a pair of glasses as well.  I started to decline, remembering how my mother went through the roof with the expense of the first pair of glasses and I didn't want to jeopardize getting contact lenses. But as the optometrist explained that contacts could make my eyes tired or sore, my father suggested I get a pair of glasses, too.  I can't tell you how happy that made me! My old glasses were useless at this point and now I would be able to see with the options of contacts or glasses!
When I was in college and when my kids were little, my vision began to steady and I had less deterioration than I did when I was in high school.  My vision could always be "fixed" with an updated prescription, so I was grateful.  I loved being able to see the individual leaves on a tree when my prescription was updated!
Then in 2006, Jon inquired about the LASIK procedure.  He found a fantastic surgeon and booked the surgery.  I was apprehensive, but was amazed with the results. Jon's vision, which was never as bad as mine, went to 20/15 overnight!
A couple of weeks later, I got up the courage to have the procedure.  There are no guarantees but I was a likely candidate because of my nearsightedness and thick corneas.  I had the procedure and the results were tremendous, better than I allowed myself to hope!
For the first time that I can remember, I could see, unassisted.  I could read signs from a distance,  read the alarm clock while in bed, read products on a shelf.  It was unreal.
I am so grateful and amazed that in my lifetime, I was able to have a minor surgical procedure that repaired my poor sight.
My vision has held up ver well and I am thankful everyday for the success of the surgery.

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