Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 22 Gratitude: Literacy

I am grateful for my ability to read and write and that I live in a country where reading materials are plentiful.
I have always loved to read and write.  My grandmother taught me penmanship and letters when I was a child, as she did with my siblings.  She read to us and we were enthralled.  My sisters and I would participate in a reading program during our summers to the woodhouse and we would read hundreds of books.  I remember that we got a ticket for the weekly raffle for every book we read.  One time, we won 2 out of the 5 prizes even though there were 50 participants!
One summer, we even marched in the Hospital Day Parade, dressed as books.  I dressed in a box decorated after Judy Blume's Tiger Eye and my sister M wore her box after Maurice Sendak's Chicken Soup with Rice.  If I remember correctly, my sister P refused to dress up as a book in the parade.  I don't know how she got away with that, but she did!
At the time, my brother who was only a little kid would attend story hour, dressed in his pajamas every Thursday night.  He was the most adorable little boy and I have vivid memories of him wearing his pj's and carrying his teddy bear in the evenings.
When my youngest sister was born, we all read to her.  Veron's favorite was The Best Nest and we wore out the pages.
I took a lot of classes in high school with assigned reading of novels.  I would read through them very quickly because I couldn't wait to get to my own reading material.
In college I started reading romance novels, but quickly tired of those.  When my girls were little, it was difficult to find time to read anything other than children's books, but on vacation, I enjoyed reading until late at night.
My own girls had lots of favorite books, Edward the Emu and The Napping House.  As they got older we joined a book club at the same library where I participated in the summer reading program!  Then my girls started reading independently, but always shared their books. We swapped books and made recommendations based on what we knew the other people might enjoy.
I dive into all types of genres, true crime, mystery, teen novels, instruction books, history.  The books that I find most comforting though, are cookbooks.  I can ready a cookbook cover to cover and actually start to smell the food as if it were being prepared right before me.
I am grateful for this ability and for the vast amount of things that I have yet to read!.

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Laurie said...

Theo is learning how to read, it's a very exciting time!