Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 24 Gratitude: Holidays

Happy Easter!
What a fitting day for being grateful for holidays.  Holidays are days designated for celebrating a particular significance for individuals, communities, religions or groups.  Some times, it seems that as a society we have more "holidays" than regular days, but the significance of holidays is a blessing.
The word holiday is derived from the words Holy and day and were referring to religious days.
I view holidays as a reminder to us to slow down, recognize and remember.
In November 2001, the town of New London had an assembly for Veterans, honoring their service.  Jon and I took the girls and seeing the older vets (some in their 90's) dressed in their military uniforms was breathtaking.  These men and women devoted their lives to defending their country.  They saw their comrades killed before their eyes, some were wounded and their future was uncertain.  And yet, those that survived attended the event.
Other times, holidays are less intense, but still emotional.  I love seeing the family at Christmas and New Years.  Most recently, the family holidays are the time to get together and touch base with loved ones.

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