Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 25 Gratitude: Fertility

I am grateful that I was able to have children.  Fertility is something that we just assume will happen and yet it is a blessing, not a given.  Human instinct keeps the species procreating, but individually fertility is a different matter.
When we decided we were ready to have children, my body didn't cooperate.  Coming from a family with 4 siblings, I just assumed that I would have children.  But, it took us over a year to get pregnant.  And after trying and failing so many pregnancy tests, I didn't believe the results of the positive one.
I was blessed with two healthy pregnancies and births and the experience was life altering.
I will always remember the first time my baby moved inside me!  I will always remember watching Allie fall asleep for the first time and seeing Ashley's bright blue eyes.
17 years later, I still can't believe I was strong enough to give birth.  It was a miracle. It was beyond words.
And yet I know that this is something that happens every second of every day all around the world.  And yet even though millions of babies are born every day, each birth is a miracle.

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