Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 27 Gratitude: Pleasant People

I am grateful for pleasant people.
Have you ever been in the presence of someone who makes the best of any situation?  Doesn't this make the time spent together fun or at least pleasant?  I find that it is rare but fantastic when this happens.
On Thursday, we had a scheduled high school tennis match.  Now, the weather was not tennis friendly.  It was cold (low 40 degrees temperatures) and the wind was incredibly gusty.  Gusts up to 56 mph were reported!  It cycled between blinding snow, bright sunshine and clouds.  It was a generally miserable time to play tennis, but we had no choice.
The other team arrived and were immediately struck by the harsh wind.  They immediately got ready to play and we began our matches.  3 hours later, I realized that despite being terribly cold, wind-burned and sore, we were having the best match of our season!
Our opponents were good sports, honest and determined.  Two of our girls, Wendy & Georgia had their best matches all season!  Wendy's match took an hour and she lost 7-9!  Georgia hadn't scored any games yet this season and yet on Thursday, she scored 3 games!
I was so impressed.  I was proud of our team and had tremendous respect for our opponents.  Overall, we lost the match 2-7, but is went down as one of the best matches to date.
What started out to be disastrous ended up being a very positive experience.
I am grateful for that!

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