Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 28 Gratitude: Loved Ones

No post on gratitude would be complete without a stating that I am grateful for my family.  I have been blessed by each member of my family. Through thick and thin each person has helped to shape me into who I am today.  Likewise, we all have influenced each other.
Through the years, our family structure has been altered with births and deaths, marriages and friendships.  And yet, the basic framework has remained.  Whereas we all used to live in the same home, we are now scattered around New England and Italy.  Instead of seeing each other every morning at breakfast, we now are lucky to see everyone at the same time every few years.  And yet, the distance hasn't stopped our relationships or our affection for each other.  Our interactions have grown and adapted to phone calls, texts messages and emails instead of face-to-face conversations.  We work together to keep in touch and respect each other's independence and goals. We have adjusted to new roles and new positions in each other's lives.  And for this, I am grateful.

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