Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day 5 Gratitude: Enthusiasm

During the cold winter mornings, I send the girls off to school with a to-go cup filled with hot tea.  I buy the disposable cups in bulk at BJ's Wholesale Club.  We drink a lot of tea around here and I realized I was stopping off to buy a hot tea at a cafe on my way to work.  I thought that if I took the tea with me when I left the house, it would be frugal and save me time as well!  Then, the girls liked the idea of leaving the house with tea, as well.
As the weather is warming up (it reached the 40's today!) we have started to take cold drinks with us.  So, I looked to buy cold cups.
Now, we have all tried the reusable water bottle route.  And while this worked part of the time, it wasn't as convenient or clean as I'd like.  We would lose the bottles, leave them places or leave them partially filled with drink.  Then, cleaning the bottles would be a chore.  Also, despite using "safe" plastic water bottles, I didn't like the odor/scent/taste that the bottles absorb over time.  I tried other bottles, like coated aluminum ones.  These, too, developed an odor and some things tasted acidic in them!  I even got a reusable glass bottle, but being clumsy, this became almost dangerous.
So, I tried to find cold drink to-go cups. But, it is hard to find cups and lids!
So, I created a "proto-type" involving caps, plastic cups and scotch tape.  It was OK. It worked, but it was flimsy at best.
I told the girls and Jon about my prototype and he immediately went to work!
Before I knew it, he ordered us 1000 cups, lids, straws and deli containers.  And the beauty of these is that they are made from corn and are completely compostable!!!!
How great is that?
I am blessed that he took our task upon himself and found a better solution!  Talk about enthusiasm for helping us to solve our dilemmas!

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piero canuto said...

well done, just beaautiful.