Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gratitude : Thank You!

After making the effort to post 30 days of blessings, I can appreciate my life all the more. Being grateful encourages a passion for living, a positive outlook and a motivation to look for the "good" in life.
I enjoyed this task. Once I dedicated some time to thinking of a concept for which I am grateful, ideas abounded. And then I realized that everything I was grateful for, was simply variations on a single theme. I am grateful for life, for being loved by my family and friends and being fortunate enough to have them in my life.
As I took the time to acknowledge my loved ones, I was able to appreciate how much of my life has been influenced and enriched by them.
Because of these blessings, I am also able to see how my life is made better by the goodness of others. Small blessings, from a helpful person to larger actions, like an act of kindness help me to feel proud, welcomed and loved.
Thank you, Blog Readers for your kind comments, your thoughtful emails and your kind words.

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