Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Been Busy with the Tennis

The weather has held out --so far this week -- and we are super busy with the high school team.
On Monday, we traveled 2 hours to gorgeous Littleton.  It was perhaps, the best weather we have had all spring.  The park in Littleton was as picturesque as it a park could be.  The tennis courts were located on a sprawling lawn, with views of the baseball field and gazebo.  The sky was brilliant blue and sunny.
Despite the long drive, it was a wonderful match.
And best of all, Laurie, Claudia and Theo dropped by the courts!  Sadly, we didn't get much time to visit but the family (minus their Dad) looked wonderful!
The most adorable part was when we all walked to the parking lot and they went to their car and we started to board the bus.  Claudia's eyes lit up and she asked if I was the bus driver!!!  What I would have given to impress that little girl, but no, I wasn't the driver of that large yellow vehicle.

Today's match was at the high school courts, but we played a team that drove 3 hours to play us!
We have 5 more matches to go.... And then we can breathe again!


Laurie said...

A few other comments during the match from my peanut gallery...
"Is Ashley playing T-ball?",
"Yay, Ashley hit the ball!",
"Is that Aunt Lala?" (Claudia pointing to a young, thin, attractive high school girl),
"I should've brought my sun block, man it's so sunny", and "When do we get to play?" :-)

Laurie said...

I should add, we loved seeing you play Ashley. Your a very strong player, that is evident from watching you on the court.

(and to Aunt Lala, we do think you are a young, thin, attractive girl :-)

Laurie said...

Ok this is my last comment. Grammatical correction, "You're", not "Your" in my post.