Saturday, May 28, 2011

Color of the Day: Green

Yesterday was one of the few beautiful spring days that have been bestowed on us this year.  I took a walk around town with my camera and found some colorful sights.  But, it was only when I was putting hem on my computer that I realized how much the color popped!
 The otherwise boring grass seemed to be basking in the sun.

 Kat enjoyed her stroll in the woods.
 I found this spray of leaves, just fallen from a tree.
I love the way shadow from the arch falls in this sunshine.
 Look at this little green house tucked behind these trees!  Even the cut outs on the shutters are little trees.
And I loved the tiny pine cones on the evergreen branches.

Challenge: Take a series of photos spotlighting one color!  Email me your pics.

UPDATE: Veron did a beautiful post for the Color Challenge using 2 beautiful colors found in Modena.

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