Friday, May 06, 2011

Florida Art!

Our vacation in Florida was wonderful.  The weather was glorious.  We left a NH snowstorm behind and arrived to a tropical climate of 90 degree days.  Aside from the gorgeous, gorgeous weather, I was in awe of all the "mundane" art around the town.  I mean "mundane" in the most respectful way -- even everyday signs were designed to look pleasing and fun. 
 Here is one of many signs indicating a trolley stop!  I thought it was cheerful and fun!
 And then I caught sight of the mile marker!  Talk about bright and brilliant.  These were placed every 1/2 mile along the road.
 Even the sidewalks and walkways were gorgeous!
 Maybe I am just used to them being covered with snow, but once I noticed patterns, I started seeing them everywhere.
Even in this tiny footpath -- it was made to look beautiful!
 And the color!  Here was our favorite restaurant called the Conch Republic.... Even the building was brilliantly painted to be a gradient that looked like a sunset.
 And at night, the pool turned turquoise and the lights glowed amber.  Just beautiful.

And notice the colored buoys on the pier.  Just as I was taking the shot, a pelican arrived!  Perfect timing!

I wonder if the people who live in this area appreciate all the manmade beauty that is before them?

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