Saturday, May 21, 2011

High School Tennis Season is Officially Over

Well, the high school tennis season went out with a thud - or more likely, a splash.  After a week of steady rain and postponements, our last match was cancelled due to rain.  So, while the competitive season is over, I am planning on doing a "fun week" with the girls of tennis games, drills and laughs.  This season was a constant challenge with the weather.
 We started off the season by shoveling, shoveling, shoveling the courts...
 Oh, I remember how excited we were to start Spring Tennis!
 Then, we started playing matches, but it was still cold!
We got a few days of warmer weather, but not sunny or dry for long.
Some of our team - Sophie, Bri, Georgia, Wendy, Alicia and hamming it up, Emily!
And our last match was downright COLD!  The team is huddling together to keep warm!

It was a fun group to work with. We played 12 matches out or 13 (pretty incredible since it rained or snowed more than 50% of the time.) We ended the season with 10 losses 2 wins.  Each girl improved tremendously. TREMENDOUSLY.  I will be sorry to say goodbye to our seniors - Allie, Wendy & Sophie - such GREAT kids!  

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