Thursday, May 19, 2011

Iced Coffee - Bad Ass Style

When we were in Florida, I was amazed at the array of shops on every corner, on every street, in every plaza.  Surprisingly, most of the shops familiar to me aka - national chains rather than independent stores. On one of the car rides around the condo, I mentioned how much I wanted a cup of coffee.  Jon jokingly pointed out the local coffee shop -- a little building with the sign "BAD ASS COFFEE".
Well, who could resist a name like that?
So, Allie and I walked over and stopped inside.  It looked like a little beach surf shop and had a vast menu of coffees and frozen coffee drinks.  In fact, their claim to fame was that they could make any drink, hot, cold or frozen.  Oh - and the iced coffee used frozen coffee cubes, as to not dilute your drink! 
SHEER brilliance!
So, I ordered an ice coffee and sure enough, it came with the frozen coffee cubes.  This made for a tasty drink and then when the ice melted, another tasty drink!
Allie ordered a frozen drink - white chocolate & tirimisu flavors and loved it.
Bad Ass Iced Coffee sketch from my journal 4/25/11
Needless to say, we went back again and again.

And, in case you think the name BAD ASS was just an attention getter - well, there is a story behind it as as well.  The Bad Ass Coffee Company originated in Kona, Hawaii and for generations donkeys carried the coffee beans down the island.  Residents of the island could hear the donkeys bellowing while carrying their heavy loads and called the donkeys "the bad ass ones" because of their cranky nature!  And that is how the name Bad Ass became associated with the coffee shop.  Currently, there are 6 Bad Ass shops in Florida and more in California, Hawaii, Japan and Malaysia.

And, not being one to let a good idea escape me, I make the girls their iced tea in the morning "Bad Ass Style" that is, made with frozen tea ice cubes!

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