Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lifeguards Make $100,000 + a Year in CA

Boy, am I in the wrong profession!  Lifegaurds in Orange County, California make in excess of $100,000 a year. In 2010,  13 of the 14 full time life guards collected more than $120,000 in pay.  And the lowest earner collected $98,000. And since they are public employees, they maintain 90% of their income in their state sponsored retirement accounts.
So what is going on here?

Lifeguards are there to protect swimmers and can perform life saving duties.  But, should they make more than other life saving professions?

I remember when....
Back in the olden days, kids lifeguarded during the summer for enough money pay to pay for sunscreen, gas for the car and new back to school wardrobe for the fall.  Then, as adults, lifeguards took on the job as a way to supplement a part time job.

Remember the show Baywatch?  A group of lifeguards patrolled California beaches rescuing swimmers from sharks, drug dealers, murderers and global warming all while getting a great tan. I guess this show influenced California taxpayers more than we realized.

My sister works as a lifeguard in the summer, but I had no idea she was raking in the big bucks!  Now that her secret is out, we'll pass P the check when we eat out!  

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piera said...

I wish they would pay that type of money in New York.