Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday Morning!

I love starting my week off on a beautiful day.
Today, the outdoors called to me and I couldn't even wait until after breakfast to go outside and take some pictures by the first light of day.
 After a long white winter, the bursts of spring color are miraculous!

 And, each year, I feel like the color is even more brilliant than the last.
 I love the unexpectedness of spring bulbs in bloom.  We have a LOT of creatures who think that I plant the bulbs for them to enjoy... So, when one pops up here and there, I forget that I planted a dozen in order to get that one bloom.  And I enjoy it thoroughly!
Spring Forsythia is like sunshine on earth.
Tiny little purple blooms...
And I felt so productive that I baked a double batch of butterscotch bars for the Boys & Girls Tennis Teams.... They don't know how lucky they are!!

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