Tuesday, May 03, 2011

More Fun that a Person Should Have

Here we are, "snowbirds" from up north on the St.Petersburg Pier in Florida.  We rented a four seater bike and had so much fun while we drove it around, on the road, on the sidewalks and in parking lots.
You might think that we don't get out much... and you would be correct!

I wanted to ride a "bike for 4" since I found website for the pier.  And I asked my family to do this with me, before we left.  They all agreed, but I thought they did so, too easily.  Then, we arrived on a sunny, gorgeous day and saw that the bikes, were little cars with pedals.  At this point, I thought they would renege, but they were all troopers.  And we had one of the best times of our lives!!!!!

Now, my only complaint with the bike is that there is only one working steering wheel.  The other one is placed there to trick an unsuspecting and nervous mother just for show.
So, Ashley was the pilot at first and did a very good job.  We slowly got our confidence (and speed) up and ventured off the sidewalk and onto the main road.  (The pedestrian's were relieved).
Now, even though my steering wheel was useless (I am still a little bitter about that), I was in charge of the very important task of ringing the little bell to warn people of our impending arrival.  I guess, if you couldn't hear us panting, giggling or peddling the bell was going to alert you to our presence.

Now, Ashley took her piloting position quite seriously (as did I while I believed I was steering. Erroneously. For a while.) She issued commands, didn't hit anyone and obeyed all traffic laws - even the ones I didn't know about!
She was a cautious and courteous driver.

Then, it was Allie's turn.  She commandeered that little bike as if she was at the Daytona 500 and we were her pit crew.  We went into the main road, took turns on a dime and road that car until we were dizzy -- or maybe that was giddy.
We were on the road and I looked back to see a full size trolly behind us.  I thought for sure, he would blast his horn at us and maybe even yell out the window "Get off the road!"  But, thanks to Allie's race car driver skills, he never even got close.  
Let's just say, that we got that bike going so quickly that we could have competing in the Tour du France... if bikes in the Tour had canopies and a basket to put your purse...
Then, as a final show of mad driving skills, Allie performed, what I like to call "threading the needle".  She steered bike through cement posts with only an inch to spare on either side.  Oh, and we did this while peddling like bats flying out of hell....


SOFIA said...

I am having a hard time stopping giggling at this scene...you could have started this post with 'picture it...'

DamianC said...

Mellens! Meet the Mellens! Their your modern stone-age family!