Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Movies 2011

Ever since the girls were old enough to enjoy movies in theaters, we took them to summer movies.  As they grew up the movies changed from Disney flicks to action movies and the like.  For the 5 summers (at least) we have made a point to go to the movie theater often.... and for us, often means more than once a month!
This summer, we plan on going even more often.  And technically, the summer movie season began on May 6th with the opening of "Thor".
But, since it was still snowing back in early May, we didn't feel much in the summer mood.  But, now that they high school tennis season is over, let summer begin!

We took the girls to see "Thor" in 3-D this afternoon and we all enjoyed it tremendously.  I am a sucker for action hero movies and Thor manages to be full of action and heros!  I went in with the knowledge of Thor being a Norwegian God and were pleased to find out that the writers wove in Norse mythology, aliens and action.
"Thor" is a superhero of Marvel Comics, the same producers of Iron Man, Spider Man and others.  So, while Thor has some comic book elements, the film is a good quality film.  It is also family friendly, without cursing, nudity or sick violence.  There are bad guys who freeze things and kill, but the film is well done and not gratuitous.
Because it has Marvel Comics as a basis, there are nods to Iron Man's Tony Stark as well as Stan Lee, the creator of this super hero.

The movie was a hit with all of us and this is one that I look forward to purchasing in the future to view again and again.

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