Thursday, May 05, 2011

Tennis Season is in Full Swing

Our high school tennis season is in full swing and we are having a fun season.  We have 12 more days of matches and we are trying to pack 7 matches by May 17th.
We must play all matches outside and therefore the New England weather can be uncooperative.  We start off the season shoveling the courts and playing tennis while it snows lightly.  Then, we play in between rainstorms and finally, we end the season playing under a hot sun.  And, did I mention the black flies?
For those of you not familiar, they are known as the state bird.  They swarm from May until June and love to chew on anything with a pulse.  Some people are highly allergic to these bites and it is a very uncomfortable time to be outdoors.
But, once they are gone, the mosquitos arrive.  So, we have to roll with it... Sometimes, snow flurries aren't so bad.

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