Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week in Review

Got Milk?
I know that it is only Thursday, but I feel like I've already had a full week!  This weekend is Memorial Day in the States. Not only does it honor soldiers, veterans and emergency workers who have protected our rights as Americans, but it marks the official beginning of summer.

This has been the last few days of the high school team and I must admit that I am sad to see it ending.  It is Allie's last year on the team as well as a couple of other seniors whom I will miss.  These past few days we have been dodging the black flies and mosquitos (already!) so there are some things that I will not miss.  But, because we have had 3 days of practice, we have accomplished so much.  Yesterday, I got to work with Emily and it was so rewarding.  She is a freshman with a great attitude and personality. She has been a pleasure to work with this season, but I have not been able to spend any time working on her strokes.  But, yesterday, I took her aside and we spent 30 minutes going over forehands and backhands and she was delightful.  She left the court with better strokes than she arrived with and she kept focused and determined the whole time.  She thanked me at the end and felt the satisfaction that comes from helping someone to achieve their goal.

Today is "Senior Day" (if the weather holds out).  This is a fun day where we play some tennis games and then spend 20 minutes or so making a fuss of our 3 senior players!

Oh, and the photo above --- Well, how could I resist snapping this picture.
They say everyone has a doppleganger, someone who looks just like them.  Here is Claudia's double. 
Cindy Lou from Whoville


Separated at birth?  You be the judge.

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