Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Before & After... Garden Tray

I found this poplar tray at a discount store.  It was completely unfinished wood and came with 6 plastic pots and herb seeds.  I wanted the set for the wooden tray, but planted the herbs anyway. The tray or box is roomy and lightweight and I thought I could do something to make it useful.

 I cleaned and lightly sanded the box and then attached 4 wooded spools to the bottom to make little legs.

 I used just a thick drop of Gorilla Glue to attach the spool legs.  Gorilla glue is a really strong glue that works beautifully on wood.  Just dampen the wood, add a drop of glue and attach your parts.  Then, secure the parts.
 When the glue was dry, I primed and painted the tray white, legs included and let it cure for 48 hours.
Then, I lined the inside with some blue patterned paper.  I painted matte medium onto the inside of the tray, lightly dampened the paper and smoothed it out on the medium.  When the layer dried, I brushed on an additional layer of matte medium to seal the paper.
Here is how the tray was intended to look with the pots, but I am going to use it inside on my desk.

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