Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Blooming Tea

The girls and I love tea... Hot, iced, lukewarm.  I have even had tea ice cream.  And it was delicious.
So, for my birthday, the girls gave me a package of blooming tea.  The idea is that you drop the tea pellet in the pot and steep for 3 - 5 minutes.  While it is steeping, it actually blooms into a lovely flower.
Since my teapot is a ceramic one, I hesitated to use them as we wouldn't be able to see them bloom.
One day, I found a glass teapot at the thrift store for $1!  How could I pass it up?
And here is the excitement!
I boiled the water in the tea kettle and poured it into the heated pot.  I dropped in the tea pellet and we waited.
The pellet began to open up and float...
 And then it opened up even more...
 And more!
The instructions said to remove the bloom from the pot after the 5 minutes or the bloom could turn bitter.
So, I did.  And when I did, the bloom deflated and didn't look beautiful anymore....
But, the tea was delicious and beautiful.

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