Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Curbing Your Dog Goes High Tech

The housing complex is full of pet owners and some do not clean up after their dog "does his business".  The manager of the complex has a good idea who the culprits are, yet requires "proof" as the owner faces one warning and then gets booted out of the complex.  The manager is clear that it is not everyone, but rather only a small few inconsiderate pet owners who are irresponsible.  So, the manager asked all owners to bring their dogs for baseline swab testing in order to acquire the DNA and then when she finds some dog litter, will send it in to a company who specializes in testing for this purpose.

I think that the manager has a creative way to target the criminal party.  No one (dog lovers and non dog lovers) wants to have pet waste in their parking lot or complex.  Responsible pet owners shouldn't shoulder the blame, just the violators. 
Is this cost effective?  Well, the fee is $60 for the test.  The owner will be required to pay the fee on the first warning.  If it happens again the owner has violated his lease agreement and will be forced to leave the complex, therefore solving the problem.
Does it seem a little ridiculous to use such a high tech test for such a common problem? I admit that it almost seems like a waste of such precious technology.  But, it is a tool that is helping to solve a problem.  This is the best case scenario for any technology.

This problem is avoidable.  Pet owners should be responsible for their pets, just as parents should be responsible for their children and the damage/accidents they cause.  But, the reality is that not everyone is responsible.  Hopefully, this will weed out the criminals and deter others from being irresponsible.

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